Kylie Smith Psychotherapy


I work together with my clients to ensure they play an active role in the therapeutic process and greatly value their input and feedback.


Services options include telephone and secure video mediums to ensure my clients can participate however they feel comfortable.


I work to create useful and unique strategies in challenging situations, inform you of any limitations on professional services, and provide additional referrals as needed.

I provide mental health services to individuals (18+) experiencing a variety of issues and specialize in offering services related to bereavement (grief & loss) as well as maternal mental health. I believe that regardless of what unique obstacles we have faced in our lives, we are capable of growth and can evolve from past and present experiences to become a healthier individual. I am excited you found my website and would be grateful to be considered to work with you on your personal journey.

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I value and respect the sensitive, personal information clients trust to share with me and work to maintain client confidentiality at all times.


I am inspired and excited to work with clients on their journey of personal growth by helping them set and reach their personal goals.


I genuinely care about my clients and work to actively listen, understand your concerns, and find ways to connect to your unique experience.


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Currently Not Accepting New Clients
Please be advised that I am on an extended leave of absence and am not currently accepting any new clients at this time.
 Please contact me if you would like to be added to my waitlist and receive notifcation for future availability.