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Psychotherapy Services

Psychotherapy is a talk-based therapy and is intended to help people improve and maintain their mental health and well-being. Therapy focuses on bringing about positive change in a client’s thinking, feeling, behaviour and social functioning.

Why Psychotherapy?

Individuals usually seek psychotherapy when they have thoughts, feelings, moods and behaviours that are adversely affecting their day-to-day lives, relationships and the ability to enjoy life, which may include some of the following:

    • Anxiety and stress
    • Depression
    • Grief and loss
    • Relationship difficulties
    • Trauma
    • Coping with anger
    • Body image concerns
    • Confidence and Self-Esteem
    • Pregnancy, prenatal, and postpartum concerns
    • Uncertainty about life purpose
    • Difficulty reaching goals
    • And more


Therapist Right Fit
Initial Consultation

$0 per 15-minute session

A complimentary 15-minute consultation dedicated to answering all your questions about the therapeutic process and determining how you and I might work collaboratively together.

Psychotherapy Services
Individual Psychotherapy

$140 (HST included) per 50-minute session

1:1 therapy provides you with an opportunity to speak confidentially with a therapist about personal issues that are affecting you with additional focus on helping you reach your personal goals.

My Approach

My personal approach is collaborative and is constantly being modified to meet clients at whatever stage they are at. I am particularly passionate about working with individuals experiencing grief, loss, and difficult life transitions, as I faced my own obstacles with grief as well as feeling lost and uncertain with my purpose in life. It was during this time of my life that I began to truly find myself and learn the value in asking for support from others and finding ways to make meaning from my experiences. I focus on providing services to individuals (16+) across Ontario with the aim of helping individuals to feel understood and capable of navigating the unique challenges currently preventing them from living a healthy, functional, and enjoyable life.

My experience consists of working with individuals dealing with:

I have specialized knowledge and training working with grief as well as additional experience in crisis intervention, motivational interviewing, and am a big believer in the importance of self-care. I utilize evidence-based frameworks such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Solution-focused Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and Gottman Methods Therapy (informed), and work from an integrative perspective that is customizable to meet your treatment needs and goals. Together, we can work to find effective ways of coping while building a healthy relationship with yourself.

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