Relationship Difficulties

As human beings, we feel the need to be connected to others to fulfill our social and emotional needs. Social interaction is such an important component of our lives as we form relationships in each of the unique areas of our lives, such as personal and professional relationships.  Relationships can also vary in complexity and almost all relationships require effort in order to maintain a healthy balance for all individuals involved. It it not uncommon for interpersonal conflict to arise. When relationships have been impaired this can lead to feelings of worthlessness, isolation, sadness, and misunderstanding. Relationship therapy can be applied in both individual and couple-based settings.

Therapy can be explored to help an individual examine how they interact and socialize among a variety of relationships (both personal and professional) in their life. This understanding can help encourage an individual to learn alternate ways to navigate conflict that are healthy, and develop interpersonal effectiveness skills for any relationship. By working through some of these concerns in therapy there is an opportunity to improve overall relationship satisfaction that may also impact an individual’s mental health and well-being.


Some potential benefits that can arise from relationship therapy include:

                    • Address underlying issues that may be unresolved within a relationship
                    • Improve communication skills and ways to interact with others
                    • Learn new ways to address interpersonal conflict and problem solve collaboratively
                    • Rebuild connection with others
                    • Establish healthy boundaries
                    • Improve self-esteem and purpose in relationships


Ultimately, relationship therapy can help individuals to better understand their own needs from their relationships, as well as gain perspective on the needs of others. This can help restore connection and equip an individual with renewed clarity on previous negative patterns, to be better equipped to address conflict and stress as it arises.

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