Life Purpose and Transitions

Life Purpose and Transitions

There are periods and moments in our lives where we may be forced to reflect on the place we are at and evaluate how to move forward. Life transitions can be viewed both positively and negatively, but generally encompass initials feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, excitement, and even ambivalence towards change.

Common life transitions include, but are not limited to:

    • Beginning or end of a relationship
    • Getting married or divorced
    • Starting or leaving a job/workplace
    • Graduating or changing schools
    • Relocating to a new location
    • Psychological and mental health issues
    • Preparing for retirement
    • Death and loss

In many cases, life transitions may be triggered by active reflection on one’s purpose in life. It is natural to stop and pause to evaluate where you are in your life and re-examine the role and goals you want to achieve for yourself.  Felling stuck, lost, and confused are some of the most common feelings associated with life purpose as we often use comparisons to others to mark our own progress. Our self-fulfilment and purpose in life is an entirely unique, personal experience that can’t be compared on an exact 1:1 ratio with others. Therapy can help reduce the need for comparison and increase the desire to understand your own needs and aspirations, while working on taking steps towards actively pursuing the components that can provide that unique meaning for your life.

Therapy can be a beneficial way to tackle exciting and difficult life transitions by having a safe, non-judgmental space to express any concerns, process any thoughts and feelings towards the change, as well as gain awareness on the direction you want to take as you move through the change.